Since I was a kid, I've always loved to create (from making music to building treehouses with my dad to painting colorful rainbows to sticking my nose behind a camera) and now, I get to create things for a living. I love it + am grateful to have such wonderful clients.

I grew up all over the place, eventually planting roots in the beautiful state of Colorado. In my free time, you'd most likely find me sipping an iced vanilla lavender latte, watching Friends with my friends, plucking a guitar by a bonfire, or traveling somewhere on my bucket list. Most importantly, Jesus is my life-source. I'm forever humbled + grateful that He chose me to be part of His family. 

A love of photography was where Rose Foos Creative began, + today I'm proud to offer much more: graphic design, website design, custom art projects, + more. Branding projects have became my personal favorite. I love exploring a person's or business's passions, goals, + DNA in order to create a visually appealing + intriguing overall brand. It never gets old!

If you'd like be friends or work together or both (that's my vote), please get in touch! There's plenty of ways: follow me on Instagram, email me, or fill out this contact form. Thanks for dropping by!

Much love, 


Video + site-wide headshots by Joel Yanke


I am proudly recognized as a member of Squarespace Circle, an exclusive group for creative professionals who build Squarespace websites for clients! This is a great accomplishment for me as a designer, but also has it's perks for YOU. 
I'm happy to offer a 20% discount on the first annual payment for new websites. Another bonus of my Circle membership is an extended free trial period so you won't have to pay hosting costs until we are ready to launch. Pretty cool, right? 





Graphic Design
Website Design
Brand Development
Visual Identity

Print Design
Art Direction
Content Creation
Social Media Consulting
Custom Art Projects