Nicaragua 2017

Recently I had the honor of accompanying a nonprofit called Two Cents Project to Leon, Nicaragua. My role with this team was to document the work being done in impoverished villages outside of the city. As a photojournalist, I got a unique look into life in these villages. Story after story, my heart broke for the families + children living on the streets, wondering where their next meal or dollar would come from.

In the photos below, you'll see some of the projects our team got to be involved in: from preparing a large meal for all the children of each village (the organization we partnered with feeds 15,000+ children per DAY!) to pampering the women of the community with haircuts, manicures, + makeup to praying over tiny newborns + premature infants in the NICU at the local hospital to giving a family the gift of a HOME instead of the plastic tarp they've been living under. 

If these images have touched your heart in some way, please consider partnering with me to support the incredible work being done in Nicaragua. I'll be returning soon with a friend to buy + build a home for a family in desperate need of a roof over their head. The cost to build this home is only $5,500! We cannot wait to surprise this family + meet such a practical need. Pray with us, consider coming along on our next trip, click the link below to make a donation, or please reach out to me with any questions you may have.

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