But what will I wear?!

This is by far one of the most frequently asked questions I hear. It can feel daunting to choose only one outfit to wear for photos that will be shared, printed, hung, + kept forever! Trust me, I get it. But it doesn't need to be overwhelming! Here are 6 helpful tips that may help you make easy + wise clothing choices.

1. Coordinatingnot matchingcolors
Who else grew up having to wear a white button and jeans for their family photos? Me too. Those days are long gone (thank God!). Instead, choose a simple color palette + stick to it. Consider colors + tones that match your family's skin tones or how your home is decorated so that your photos don't seem out of place on your walls.

2. Subtle accessories
Fun accessories add natural detail to your wardrobe. Think simple ties, fun bowties, necklaces, maybe a hat, or even a cute scarf to throw on for a few shots. These easy additions add depth + texture to your photographs.

3. Comfortability comfortability comfortability!
If you wear a dress that's itchy or jeans that don't fit or a top that doesn't resemble your usual style, you will be uncomfortable! If you're uncomfortable in your clothing you'll be uncomfortable in front of a camera.


3. Put away the patterns
A simple plaid shirt or floral pattern here + there may add some great detail, but overkill on the patterns will certainly be distracting. If you have a large family, consider one or two basic patterns to throw in the mix. But be sure to have solid colors throughout to break up the patterns.


Pro-tip: I'm a great photographer, but even I can't make Disney characters, football jerseys, or howling wolf tee shirts look canvas-worthy!


4. Plan ahead
It is one of my biggest pet peeves when I have my favorite sweater in mind to wear for the day + I realize I never washed the spaghetti stain out. Think through your family's outfits at least a few days before your scheduled shoot to make sure they fit well, are clean, + wrinkle free.

5. White will wash you out
Most often, all white will not photograph well. Avoid wearing all white or all black.

6. Clean and classic
You'll cherish these photos for years to come! Be sure to keep your outfits clean + classic. Avoid super trendy looks, as these may go out of style in the next season. Think timeless, neutral, + simple so that YOU shine rather than the clothing!

The hardest part is over! Now the fun begins.

Rose FoosComment